35 votes

Import/export snippets

The function to copy snippets to another site.

29 votes

Snippet Categorization

Create Categories for snippets, to easily consult snippets where there are more and more snippets.

20 votes

Insert automatically on specific pages

Insert shortcodes automatically on specific pages.

18 votes

use name instead of id in the shortcode

for example [wbcr_php_snippet id=”xx” title=”Safely process a GET Form Submission” submitted_value=”–value of $variable in querystring–“] will be more clear and maintainable if will became [wbcr_php_snippet name=”my_unique_name” title=”Safely process a GET Form Submission” submitted_value=”–value of $variable in querystring–“]

in this case every update or delete/creation of that snippet obviously generate a new id but with this upgrade we won’t be to change id=”old_value” with id=”new_value” inside all site!!!!

15 votes

Eliminate unused css and js

Nice feature would be automatic elimination of unused css and js code. I know that this is a pretty complex matter, and no plugin has solved this problem.
But if you manage to successfully achieve this, you can freely raise your prices – I’ll be first to spend my money on plugin with this functionality!

13 votes

Accept QueryString value

Allow the insertion of querystring values (GET in PHP) into values of a snippet. For example: [wbcr_php_snippet id=”xx” title=”Safely process a GET Form Submission” submitted_value=”–value of $variable in querystring–“]

11 votes

custom shortcode names

Use Case Scenario:

Developer uses shortcodes and snippets in all client sites. Developer uses the same shortcodes for template type content.

Template type pages are just copied over to new sites. Like pages with site legal text: terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy, etc… Developer uses shortcodes to automatically pull important site info into legal text.
– Site Title
– Site URL
– Site Admin Email
– anything really…

Issues with current shortcodes:
– The “Woody” shortcodes would be different on each site. The developer would have to make sure that each shortcode matches all of the shortcodes on each template page.
– The shortcodes would change everytime they are imported, created or re-created on a site.
– Woody shortcode names don’t provide any useful info to developers or front end users. If there is an error with the plugin, the php, or if the plugin is accidentally disabled… then the users on the front-end see a shortcode that doesn’t make any sense. A more functional driven development are shortcode names which provide some clear information as to what the shortcode is trying so display. For example, instead of shortcode named like this: [wbcr_snippet id=”37″], it could be named like this [site-name]. Providing a name for the shortcode gives clear insight that the shortcode is probably there to provide the website’s name. So even if there the shortcode isn’t working, it still provides info to the user. It also provides the developer clear info.

4 votes

Folder Organisation

Organise snippets into folders so that relevant snippets can be grouped together outside of using tags.

2 votes

Export all tags

Export all tags, also scripts files with their modified names

1 vote

An fix for the ‘save template’ feature because gives an 404 not found.

Hi Support,

In fact we try to use the plugin today and add the both of the licensces in one main domain and in one subdomain.
We bought this cheap license to test if the plugins works correctly, if so, we want to upgrade it to the biggest license, unlimited websites for lifetime.

We’re building a lot of websites and this tool could come in handy, we ware almost developing the same feature based on an other snippet plugin which doesn’t have the ‘save snippet to cloud’ feature.

So we were pretty excited till the moment we could’nt get it to work😲.
We traid on two websites to safe any snippet to the cloud but what we do, we always get one of two errors.

The first error we get is:
Onbekent code type

And the second one is an synchronization error.

One of our developers looked into the issue and the cause of this problem is an error 500.

This is because this URL is called: and that URL gives back an 404 error, so we think this is probably why it aint working.

So we would love this to be fixed, so we can test and upgrade our license deal.

Let me know,

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